Blonde, helicopter pilot, dentist and bitcoin saleswoman : the “new life” of Roger Federer unveiled by Signal-Arnaque.

“Roger Federer”, Payment Manager, Evance Media (India)

With his track record as one of the most talented sportsmen of all time and his extremely endearing personality, the stupendous Swiss tennis player Roger Federer inspired a generation of fans. But somewhat surprising, he also inspired webmasters of Internet services or online sales who put him forward in a pretty incredible “new life”.

Roger Federer, the real and unique one (Image libre Pixabay)

It is indeed him, or rather her, that the creative agency Evance Media offers you to address for payment management advice. By the bye, their headquarters is in Bhubaneswar, the capital of the State of Odisha in India. Anything wrong ?

“Roger Federer”, Payment Manager for Ifact (Hungaria)

Presenting himself in this context as a blonde, dynamic and rather well-made woman, Roger Federer is obviously not a lazy chap. Despite his recent 101st ATP title won at the Miami Tournament, he also acts as Payment Manager for the Hungarian company Ifact, which, in the process, assures that they provide technological services to the IT giant Hewlett Packard. Oh ! Really ?

Veronique L, customer of Nutra Energie (Lyon)

Actually, our skepticism finds its origin in a report of possible scam filed on Signal-Arnaques. The alert taggs Nutra Energie, an e-commerce website selling health nutrient tablets. “Roger Federer” is here presented under the identity of Véronique L., a “customer” delighted to have solved her migraine problems.

Asked about the choice of this photo supposed to credit the confidence in their products, this company, registered near Lyon in France, justifies the use of free of right pics, even for “key” testimonials, in order to protect their clients’ privacy. And they do specify, in very small and pale grey letters on a white background, the mention “Photo free of rights for reasons of privacy”.

Entice the web user with the bait of seduction is commonplace on the web. And this charming photo of a certain “Veronica” originally comes from a model template for sportswear’s websites, from whence it spread itself on more than 500 sites.

Valentina, CEO Manager (template)

It is therefore under the same blondie features that “Roger Federer” appears for all a hotchpotch of product recommendations across the e-world, after verification by Google’s “Image Search” tool.

Meltem T, customer of Kuzeybarkod (Turkey)

Under the name of Meltem T, she wants to testify openly to her satisfaction about stickers produced by the Kuzeybarkod company of Antalaya, a Turkish seaside resort.

Based in North Carolina (USA), she also boasts Mailxaminer ‘s email verification app, provided by Utah-based SysTools Inc.

Susan, customer of Mailxaminer (USA)

And “Roger Federer” has gold in her hands, testifying under the name of Chloe M. for having earned more than $ 18,000 through the Bitcoin Evolution 2 app, developed by this Los Angeles company.

Chloe M, customer of Bitcoin Evolution 2 (Los Ángeles)

Claudine Haag, Crypto-Generator Finance Manager (London)

And when you struggle reading “Bitcoin for dummies”, she plays easily with the big boys. Moreover, you can benefit from her expertise directly from London, as Finance Manager of the company Crypto-Generator under the identity of Claudine Haag.

Her advice is definitely worth gold for she is also Services Consultant for Amazon Business, according to the information provided by the company Awesomdynamic, based in Round Lake in the United States.

sin nombre, Consultant for Amazon Business (USA)

Between two Grand Slam tournaments, “Roger Federer” has many other strings to his rackets, since she guarantees for Esos Technology the best quality photocopiers you can order in Egypt.

sin nombre, copier saleswoman for Esos Technology (Egypt)

Fearing routine might take over her very active life, she also provides dental advice for Loverdi Dental in New York.

sin nombre, dental consultant for Loverdi Dental (New York)

But her thing, not to get bored, is definitely securing life insurance, domestic insurance or professional. No doubt you can rely on her since, under the name of Betty Morrison, she’s Marketing Head Manager for Yessure Team, in South Africa.

Betty Morrison, Marketing Head for Yessure Team (South Africa)

And because a lost minute is always a wasted minute, “Roger Federer” is also Senior Sales and Investments Consultant for the company Capital Fremont in Dublin, at the head of a private Business School in Barcelona, can not go to bed without tell you about the merits of making a donation to the Phoenix Women’s Circle in Florida.

unnamed, Director of a Private School of Commerce in Barcelona

An important activity, indeed ! But our “Roger Federer” still finds time to be the co-founder in Bristol (England) of the company Verify My Leads involved in artificial intelligence, known as Emily Stone. Or to embody Jaione, the Spanish teacher you need, in the Spanish Institute of Auckland (New Zealand).

Jaione, Spanish teacher at the Spanish Institute of Auckland (New Zealand)

Skeptical about her ability to be everywhere in the world at the same time ? Your doubts can fly away: under the name of Janne Watts the girl has been for 9 years the private helicopter pilot of the company Business Air, based in Canada.

Janne Watts, private helicopter pilot of the Business Air company (Canada)

And the list could still be extended, proving some crude attempts to use visual hooks on websites as much as to abuse the confidence of future customers.

Now, there is a way to let the real Roger Federer in peace on the tennis courts, where he is a wonder to watch ! It is to use a big sieve like he has to sort websites, passing each merchant site to the filter of our ScamDoc reliability tool.

We used it for the EvanceMedia website, mentioned at the very beginning of this article, and its trust rate was so poor that it led to all our research on this charming blonde “Roger Federer”. In many cases, there is no smoke without fire, so always keep an eye open when surfing on “bloody attractive” websites !

Blonde, helicopter pilot, dentist and bitcoin saleswoman : the “new life” of Roger Federer unveiled by Signal-Arnaque.
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