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“It looks like a real site”: when Shopify and co. host real-fake webstores

Branded items at unbelievably low prices on a good-looking webstore ? Your favorite luxury sunglasses or trainers on sale “only for a few hours” ? Beware, scammers regularly steal the look of official e-commerce websites to abuse consumers, mainly using online store model platforms like Shopify to give credibility to their fraudulent offers. How do these real sites hook us ? How to detect them ?


How to find out if an email is a scam ?

Email is by far the number one online scam weapon: with a database of nearly 30,000 email addresses, Signal-Arnaques knows what it’s talking about ! Often coarse, the scams contained in these emails leave most people totally indifferent, but some crooks know how to “optimize” their writing using subtlety, wit and malice. What types of scams can you receive by email ? How to recognize and defeat them ? Forewarned is more than ever forearmed.