Author: Hicham Rxo


200 #Thanks for each alert you post in Signal-Arnaques !

We can not yet consider this as a wave that would take away all the scams encountered on the Internet, in our emails or by phone, but it is a bit more than a simple drop of water : thanks to the responsiveness and generosity of all those who have posted an alert of scams on our portal, it is 200 people on average who take note of it ! 200 views as many #Thank you for not falling into scammers traps ! The tiny team of Signal-Arnaques joins these #Thanks to each one of you !


Blonde, helicopter pilot, dentist and bitcoin saleswoman : the “new life” of Roger Federer unveiled by Signal-Arnaque.

As one of the most talented athletes of all time and for his extremely endearing personality, the great Swiss tennis player Roger Federer has something to inspire a generation of fans, but also webmasters from multiple sites of services or sales in line that present you in a “new life” something surprising, like so many ordinary scams on the internet.